Right from childhood, you would have been instructed by your parents, teachers and elders to wash your hands and keep them clean. Washing hands is a simple step of personal hygiene that is essential for a healthy being. During the recent pandemic times, washing of hands is being preached religiously by everyone. So are you aware of how can hand-washing save us from diseases? Here is a quick guide on how is hand-washing and hand-sanitizing crucial for good health.

Prevents the Transit of Germs

While doing daily activities, your hands come in contact with several things and surfaces. Is there any guarantee that all these surfaces and things are germ-free? That sounds a joke! Can you be without touching all these surfaces? That’s like another joke!
You cannot prevent yourself from touching surfaces or things, but you can at least prevent yourself from getting infected by the germs present on those surfaces. At your personal place, for it may be your home or office, you can disinfect these surfaces using GClean Wipes available at https://www.ppezones.com and stay safe even when you come in contact with those surfaces. But is it possible for you to disinfect every surface outside your home/office? That’s nearly impossible! This is why washing hands is recommended.
When you wash your hands with soap and water, germs die or do not spread thereafter. When the germs die, there are no chances of them to be transmitted to others who come in contact with you. Thus you do not become a carrier of germs, saving yourself and the others as well.
Though hand gloves can protect your hand from coming into contact with germs, still you cannot depend on hand gloves at all times.

Prevents Infections

Common cold, fever, cough, etc., are a few common ailments that every human suffers. These can be avoided to a maximum extent by following good hand hygiene. When you wash your hands regularly, germs die and do not cause infectious diseases.
Also, the insects like mosquitoes and flies that sit in dirty places come into contact with your body, transiting the germs to your body. Though you don’t act as a carrier of germs, these insects bring the germs to your body. This is not the only way that germs come in contact with you. When you buy fruits and vegetables, there might be germs on them, germs stick on your clothes when you are out of the home, so there isn’t one but several ways that germs contaminate your hands.
And as you know, your hands are the ones that reach every part of the body, including the eyes, mouth and nose. When germs contact in contact with these organs, they cause infection and you are succumbed to illness. The prominent way to avoid these germs and infectious diseases is by keeping the hands clean. Wash your hands and keep them germ-free and protected from diseases.

Sanitize Your Hands to Stay Safe

When you can wash your hands, why should you go for a sanitizer? Is hand-washing possible in every situation and at every place? What about when you are travelling? There are certain circumstances when washing hands is not possible, and hence sanitizing them could be effective. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer that curbs the spread of germs and keep your hands germ-free. In the current pandemic times, sanitizers proved to be very useful to keep oneself safe from the infection causing coronavirus.


Wash your hands
Before and after every meal and cooking.
After you return home from outside.
After you come into contact with dirty surfaces.
After visiting the washroom.
When you sneeze or cough.
Every time you feel you have come into contact with germs.

Any habit gained in childhood stay forever, and hence hand-washing education is necessary to be taught right in childhood so that children become hygiene conscious. Along with realizing the importance of washing hands, it is also necessary to wash them correctly such that every part of the hand is clean. Fingers are most prone to germ attack and hence clean them properly, including the nails. To ensure maximum protection against germs and infections, wear personal protective equipment. You can buy them at affordable rates on https://www.ppezones.com 

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