During the recent worldwide spread of dreadful coronavirus, you would have heard it a multitude of times to boost immunity power. If the immune system is strong, you can stay safe from infections. But do you know that there are various types of immunity as well, such as innate and acquired immunity that further split into active and passive immunity? Let’s have a detailed walkthrough on what has acquired immunity and how it can be boosted.

What Is Immunity?

Immunity is your body’s ability to fight off germs and infections by releasing antibodies that kill these infected host cells. If your immunity power is strong, you can stay protected from a maximum of contagious infections. It helps to heal your wounds quickly and prevents long-term inflammations in the body.

Types of Immunity

Immunity is classified into two types based on how you develop it.
Innate immunity is the one that is inborn present in a person right from birth.
Acquired immunity is the one that you acquire during your lifetime.
Acquired immunity is further classified into active and passive immunity.

What Is Acquired Immunity?

Acquired immunity is the one that you acquire over a lifetime. This immunity is gained in the following ways.

  1. When you are vaccinated against a particular disease, the pathogen causing the disease is inserted into your body, and your immune system gets trained to fight against it. Your immune system strengthens itself to fight against the germs that you are vaccinated for.

  2. When you get infected by a disease, your immune system recognizes the germ, and when it detects that germ in future, antibodies are released to kill the germ.

  3. You develop immunity when antibodies of a person who has cured of the infection are injected into you.

Differences Between Innate and Acquired Immunity

The prime difference is that innate immunity is in-built right from birth, while acquired immunity is gained during life via the mentioned methods. The other differences are as follows.

  1. In comparison to innate immunity, acquired immunity remains silent and triggers an immune response when a pathogen interrupts your health often.

  2. While innate immunity fights any pathogen that invades the body even for the first time, acquired immunity exhibits its power only when a pathogen invades the body a second or subsequent time.

  3. Innate immunity triggers immune response immediately, whereas when you are vaccinated, it takes time for the immune response to be activated.

  4. Innate immunity is not specific to a particular pathogen or antigen, whereas vaccines protect you against specific pathogens.

  5. Innate immunity attacks every foreign body with equal potency but the acquired immunity employs immunological memory to detect a pathogen that repeatedly attacks the body and strengthens the potency and speed of immune response against it.

How Can You Boost Your Acquired Immunity?

Acquired immunity makes your immune system stronger, and to boost this acquired immunity, you have to get vaccinated as early as possible. Hence delay no more and get vaccinated against coronavirus.
Meanwhile, do not forget to follow the safety guidelines and wear personal protective equipment for maximum safety of yourself and others around. You can buy top-quality safety equipment from https://www.ppezones.com

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