Face masks have become a necessity in the current times owing to the pandemic. These masks do not only protect you from coronavirus but the other microbes as well. Facemasks reduce the risk of being infected by airborne diseases and pollution. In the wake of the recent pandemic, you would have seen various kinds of face mask available in the market. It would have made you wonder which one to buy and what are the differentiating features of every face mask. Let’s dig around more on the types of face masks to give you a better idea of which one to choose.

What Is A Face Mask?

A face mask is a piece of fabric that covers your mouth and nose to contain the respiratory droplets. It minimizes the risk of the spread of airborne and respiratory diseases.

Why Is A Face Mask Necessary?

If you consider the COVID-19 pandemic, you might not even know whether a person is infected or not. There are asymptomatic and non-symptomatic infected people who do not exhibit visible symptoms but spread the virus. In such a complicated situation, it is quite essential to keep oneself protected by wearing a mask so that you don’t get affected. 

When you are out in public or crowded places, face mask becomes your savior and prevents the spread of the virus. You might also be well aware of the pollution around. Pollution has a direct effect on skin and respiratory organs. These face masks protect you considerably from being affected by pollution and developing respiratory diseases or skin allergies.

The above points clearly state that face masks are not only a coronavirus solution, but their usage must continue as a hygienic practice in daily life.

Types of Face Masks


N95 Masks are designed with respect to NIOSH(National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) standards that filter out 95% of airborne particles, germs, bacteria and dirt. It has various layers of filters that filter out the dirt and pollutants, making the breathable air more than 90% pure. Hence these N95 respirators offer the maximum protection against respiratory diseases. 


These respirators give you the comfort of speaking and breathing comfortably while wearing them. Being made of high-quality fabric, you have the comfort of breathing while wearing these masks without any suffocation. The ear loops, cushioning nose foam, and nose clip are effectively designed to fit well and provide maximum protection to the mouth and nose. You can also buy N95 masks with head loops that serve the same purpose. 


These masks come with a self-priming filter that offers two-way protection. It filters both inflow and outflow of air, providing top-notch protection. Being limited in quantity, the priority of wearing these masks must be for the healthcare workers as they are much in danger.



These are the regular surgical masks that healthcare workers used to wear, but now everyone must wear them to ensure utmost safety from the virus. These are quite thin and made of a paper-like material making them lightweight and they filter out 60% of smaller, inhaled particles.


The mask is made of Spun Bound, the non-woven fabric of good quality. A 3-ply face mask is composed of three layers made of a high-quality Melt Blown of 20 GSM. The 3-layered design makes it convenient to wear by properly covering the mouth and nose, facilitating the ease of breathing and speaking. The ear loops settle well on the ears and do not cause any skin damage. 


These are lightweight, safe to use, biodegradable masks that are quite cost-effective. These are suitable for everyone, including doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, kids and adults. Try not to reuse them as the effectiveness reduce after one-time usage.



Cloth masks are also popular in usage as they are safe and do not give rise to skin allergies. They facilitate the comfort of breathing and speaking. You can stitch your cloth mask within a few minutes at home. Cloth masks have been trendy as people are adorning face masks that match the fabric of their outfit. Fashion influencers, brides, actors have all been sporting trendy cloth masks that match their trendy outfits.



If you wish to don the creative hat and come up with your mask, you can design a DIY face mask. The main aim of wearing a mask is to cover the mouth and nose and you can do this with your scarf, bandana or an embroidered piece of cloth or anything that suits you.


Choosing a face mask that suits you is secondary. The primary requirement is that you wear the face mask properly. Make sure that you properly cover your mouth and nose to ensure maximum protection against the germs and infections. To buy top-quality N95 masks and 3-ply masks, visit our online store https://www.ppezones.com We offer personal protective equipment at affordable price range with huge discounts and doorstep delivery.


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