Who isn’t aware of this virus now? We assumed 2020 to be a promising year, an entertaining year but it turned out to be one of the worst surprises for us. Though the virus had hit a couple of months back, the first case of Covid-19 in the United States was recorded in January 2020. Soon this virus spread to all parts of the world becoming one of the most dreaded pandemics.

Right from day one, we have been fighting against it, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Lockdowns were imposed, trades came to a halt, and the economy was having a downturn. In a couple of months, the United States became the worst-hit nation by this pandemic.

As per the current reports, a total of 12,589,088 people in the US have been infected by this virus while the total number of deaths has reached 262,701. The recovery numbers are 7,452,616. The most badly hit states have been Texas followed by California and Florida. This, in itself, reveals how piteous the situation has been.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus infection?

There are no specific symptoms, but the symptoms are the same generic ones as that for the flu or common cold. However, it is said that the infected people lose the sense of smell or taste for a short span, have a fever and cold. However, it takes nearly 14 days for the symptoms to show up.

Patients can be symptomatic, asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic.
• Symptomatic are the ones who show symptoms at an early stage.
• Asymptomatic people are those who do not show any symptom but still test positive for this infection.
• Pre-symptomatic people are the ones who initially don’t exhibit symptoms but gradually start showing symptoms.
The asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people do not show any symptom during the initial period. Hence they are called as ‘silent spreaders’.

How does Coronavirus Spread?

Coronavirus disease is a contagious one. It spreads through the respiratory route when an infected person coughs, sneezes, breathes or speaks. It can also spread if you touch the contaminated things used by the infected people because once this virus lands on any surface, it stays there for a longer time. And meanwhile, if another person touches that surface, he/she also gets infected.

Direct contact with people must be strictly avoided. All types of parties, get-togethers have been abandoned because this disease spreads easily in crowded places. Also, this virus quickly infects people with less immunity power.

How to curb the spread of Coronavirus infection?

By following proper hygiene and nutritious diet, you can boost your immunity power and stay safe. It applies not only for the coronavirus but for all the viruses.

Social distancing is one of the best methods to curb the spread of this virus. Try to maintain distance from people as people may not show the symptoms but can still be infected by the virus and spread that to you.

The affected people must self-isolate themselves to avoid the spread of this disease to others in the near vicinity.

Wash your hands regularly and maintain personal hygiene. Use sanitizers when it’s not possible to wash the hands.

Though it is advised to stay at home and maintain social distancing, you have to go out for the work, to earn the bread and also to purchase necessities. Also, if there is an emergency, you have to go out. So how can you stay safe while moving out of the house? 

While moving out of the home, follow the safety measures and also wear the protective guards.

You must prepare yourselves not only for the current pandemic, but you must stay well prepared to fight against any disease that comes in future.

The safety equipments you must wear are as the following.

PPE Kits

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. As the name suggests, these kits protect from the virus. These kits cover the entire body right from head to toe. A PPE kit includes a bodysuit, hood cover, face shield, facemask, hand gloves, shoe cover and a disposable bag to dispose of the kit safely after using it. It covers all parts of the body and your outfit such that you’re safe from every contamination. The bodysuit comes in free size and has an elastic attached so that it can fit anyone wearing it. The kit is waterproof, and some PPE kits are reusable by washing them well.

PPE kits have become a necessity in recent times and whenever you are moving out, make sure you wear the protective kit. The healthcare workers must wear these kits mandatorily even if the pandemic is over because they have to work in danger regularly. A PPE kit costs less and is affordable.
Even normal people must wear these kits while travelling in trains, bus and flights. Because one cannot tell when this pandemic will be over, hence it is better to wear these protection kits.

Face Masks
Coronavirus being a respiratory disease, it is necessary to cover the mouth and nose. When you wear a mask, the risk of being affected is magically minimized. One must wear good quality masks which curb the entrance of virus. When you are around a less group of people, it is not vital to wear the full PPE kit, but you can wear the protective face mask to stay away from the virus. Face masks have become a necessity in recent times owing to the virus, but even when things get normal, you must wear a mask to stay safe from the pollution around.

• N95 Mask
An N95 mask has various layers of filters that filter out the dirt and pollutants, making the breathable air more than 90% pure. You have the comfort of breathing while wearing these masks without any suffocation.

• 3-Ply Masks
These are less expensive and quite comfortable to wear and breathe. These are the regular surgical masks that healthcare workers used to wear, but now everyone must wear them to ensure utmost safety from the virus. A few masks can be reused but not for many times.

Face Shields
Protective face shields are made of polycarbonate withstanding the pressures, and it is provided with a strap to adjust the fitting of the shield. It covers the entire face from the forehead to the neck. Though masks ensure the protection of mouth and nose, a face shield adds to the security as in the virus does not come in contact with the eyes or other parts of the face that are uncovered by the mask. You can wash the shield if it gets dirty.

These protective measures are not only for the current pandemic times, but you can use them even when things become normal because there is no guarantee that no other virus would attack in the future. Moreover, just like Coronavirus if a virus spreads silently, these precautionary measures would come to your aid protecting you from every danger. Anyways the pollution levels are increasing these days, hence protective kits can be used for protection from pollution as well.

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Your health and hygiene is your responsibility, and you cannot neglect it.

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