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Isolation Gown


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  • Level 2 – Surgical Gown – 20 Pcs/Box
  • PP + PE : 45gsm ± 2gsm
  • One size fits all – Chest 51” (With an overlap of 7”) Length 43”


Every single box contains 20 Isolation Gowns.

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Isolation gowns serve as a protective shield against the contaminants like virus, bacteria, infections and biological hazards. Made of 40 GSM spun-bound non-woven fabric, these gowns come in free universal that is suitable for people of any size. The gowns are lightweight and do not add any burden to the body. Suitable for both men and women, these gowns are necessary for doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and everyone to safeguard themselves from the virus contaminations.  The gowns are well sterilised and tested in the laboratories before being dispatched.


  • High degree protection from contaminants like bacteria and virus
  • Made of 40 GSM Spun-bound Non-woven Fabric
  • Unisex suitable for both men and women
  • Universal size that fits every individual
  • Lightweight
  • Tested in Laboratory and sterilized
  • Suitable for doctors, nurses, healthcare workers
  • Suitable for everyone to protect from virus and contagious diseases

Additional information

Weight 6.67 lbs
PP + PE / Executive Standard



One size fits all – Chest 51” (With an overlap of 7”) Length 43”




20 Pcs

Date of Manufacture

December 2020


This product consists of Body, Body patch, Sleeves and Tie

Intended Use

It is used in critical care areas such as in intensive care units, cardiac/coronary careunits, burn care units, etc. It offers protection from high-level splashes, during long fluid procedures such as orthopedic surgeries. It has an additional layer of protection in areas from the elbow to the arms and from the chest to the abdomen.

Product Performance

1. Level 2- Surgical Gown
2. Hydro Pressure Must be AATC 127 50cm
3. Water Impact AATCC 42 1.0 g
4. Colour: Blue
5. Weight/sqm (PP+PE) : 45gsm ± 2gsm




After checking expiration date open the package and use it.

Expiry Date

This product is valid for three years from date of manufacturing; See details on packaging.

Precautions, warnings and reminders

one time use, classified and disposed properly according to the national laws and regulations after use; Flammable items & fireworks are strictly prohibited.



Storage Requirements

The product shall be stored in a room with relative humidity 60%, no corrosive gas, dry and well ventilated.

Country of origin

Made in India

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