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ASTM 1 – 3 Ply Mask


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3 Ply Masks – 50 Pcs/Box

Adjustable Nose-Pin
Allows you to adjust the mask to your preference  and comfort

3 Layers of Protective Fabric
Newest, skin-friendly technology that blocks 95% particles or greater

Easy Wear for Eyeglasses
The structure of the mask reduces fogging of eyewear

Fluid Resistant Fabric
Prevents moisture and droplets from seeping in or out

Every single box contains 50 3Ply masks.

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3-ply masks are so effectively designed to curb the spread of germs and infection by filtering out the microbes and dirt from entering the mouth or nose. The mask is made of Spun Bound, non-woven fabric of good quality.

A 3-ply mask is composed of three layers made of a high-quality Melt Blown of 20 GSM. The 3 layered design provides the comfort of wearing the mask, properly covering the mouth and nose with the ease of breathing and speaking.

The ear loops settle well on the ears and do not cause any skin damage. These are lightweight masks, biodegradable and also quite cost-effective. These are suitable for everyone including doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, kids and adults.


  • Protects mouth and nose from the entrance of germs and dirt
  • Made of Three layers for enhanced protection
  • Fits well on everyone irrespective of the size
  • Unisex- suitable for men and women
  • The comfort of breathing and speaking
  • Made of High-Quality Spunbond Material
  • Lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere
  • Cost-effective and safe to use


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Our world has arrived at a new hygiene standard that requires us to stay protected from viruses and bacteria at all times. But wearing masks on a daily basis can feel uncomfortable and suffocating. PPE ZONES INC. was born to solve this problem by bringing our consumers masks that can be worn for long periods of time with minimal physical discomfort.

The flexible Nose-Pin installed in every mask sets the mask to your preferred position and makes it a better fit. This structure also prevents the fogging of eye-wear, making it comfortable for long term use.
Our skin friendly, 3 ply technology, blocks more than 99% of micro dust and bacteria from entering the respiratory system. Each disposable mask is fluid resistant and uses static filtration.

We focus on quality, hygiene and comfort that you can always trust. We also request that you use our easy disposal bag, which comes with every box.

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ASTM 1 - 3 Ply Mask