The Covid-19 pandemic has motivated people to follow good personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is the key to sound health. When you follow good hygiene, you minimize the risk of being infected by germs and your immunity level boosts. Let’s find out on the day-to-day tips to maintain ideal personal hygiene.

What Is Personal Hygiene?

As the name suggests personal hygiene is something concerned to you and maintained by you. It incorporates your everyday activities of how you care for your body. Every day you come across several germs, bacteria and pollutants that attack your body either knowingly or unknowingly. These germs gift you infections, illness and irritations. When you maintain hygiene around you, the risk of being infected by these germs reduces. Whether your bath or brush your teeth or wash your hands, all these activities cater to your hygiene helping you stay protected from diseases. Good body hygiene results in mental peace and overall, a healthy being.

Personal Hygiene Tips?

  1. Hands Hygiene

    The prime carriers of germs in your body are your hands. Germs settle on your hands and get carried to your mouth, nose, eyes, ears and any part of the body. It is quite essential to keep the hands neat, clean and free from germs.

    Wash your hands neatly before and after having your meals and cooking. Wash them after handling garbage and also after sneezing and coughing. Make sure that every part of the hand is rubbed well with soap while washing and the tips of the fingers are also clean.
    While travelling or when it is not possible to wash the hands, sanitize them to keep the germs away. Wear hand gloves when working in unhygienic areas or areas of danger.

  1. Nails Hygiene

    Do not bite your nails as dirt and germs settle in the nails. Clean them with a soft cloth or a nailbrush to clean away the dirt. Also, cut your nails and don’t grow them much longer as it becomes difficult to keep them hygienic.
    Do not bite your nails as dirt and germs settle in the nails. Clean them with a soft cloth or a nailbrush to clean away the dirt. Also, cut your nails and don’t grow them much longer as it becomes difficult to keep them hygienic.

  1. Dental Hygiene

    Oral health is one of the important aspects of a healthy being. Bright and white teeth do not mean that your dental hygiene is perfect. Sometimes issues occur in gums or interior portions of teeth roots that might not be visible. Hence it is quite necessary to care for teeth.
    Bacteria and plaque grow in the mouth every night, and hence brushing of teeth are essential. Along with brushing teeth twice a day, flossing is necessary to remove the food stuck in-between teeth and gums left unclean while brushing. Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash to avoid bad breath and plaque build-up.

  1. Shower Hygiene

    Rinse your body well with soap and wipe with a dry and clean towel. Shampoo your hair at least twice a week to remove the skin buildup and prevent dandruff. Do not let lice and nits find a habitat in your hair.

  1. Clothing Hygiene

    Wear neatly washed clothes as dirty clothes can harbor germs that lead to skin infections. Wear clothes according to seasons and that which do not irritate you or leads to itching. Also, change your clothes and socks every day. In these current pandemic times, it becomes even more crucial to wear neat and germ-free clothes.
    Coronavirus stays alive on clothes for days and hence to ensure no contamination of clothes, wear PPE kits. PPE kits protect you right from head to toe, including your clothes. You can visit our store to purchase good quality PPE kits at an affordable price range.

  1. Hygienic Surroundings

    Some germs stay on surfaces for days and spread the infection. The widely spread coronavirus also has the potential to stay alive and contaminate the surfaces. To disinfect the surfaces and surroundings, use G-Clean Wipes that kill the germs and curb the spread of contamination.

  1. Sickness Hygiene

    When you have a common cold, carry a handkerchief or tissue always with you for use while sneezing or coughing. Wear face mask and face shield to curb the spread of infection to others and to keep oneself safe from being infected. Wash or sanitize your hands before and after touching your face or surfaces. Do not share your masks, shields or personal protective equipment with others.

What Happens If You Maintain Poor Personal Hygiene?

As mentioned earlier, good hygiene is key to the well-being of a human, and at the same time, poor hygiene brings adverse results.
  • Firstly germs find a habitat around you when you invite them by following poor personal hygiene. They spread diseases, infections, allergies and irritations.
  • Your body might harbor foreign bodies like lice and nits. Poor personal hygiene always leads to diarrhea, scabies and such diseases.
  • Poor hygiene leads to bad breath, bad body odor, greasy skin, dull and shabby appearance, and overall an unhealthy look.
  • A sense of negativity begins to linger in mind. It lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel inferior to others. Thus a clean body leads to a clear mindset.

A person is known by the way he maintains himself/herself. If you maintain a good personality by following proper hygiene, people would come to you and like your company. Do follow the above steps to maintain a healthy body and mind. Visit to purchase the personal protective equipment for maximum personal hygiene.

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