Pandemic brings a tough time for people of all ages. The normal activity of the world gets hindered, and peace gets disrupted. The novel coronavirus posed difficulties in the past year and is still creating havoc in people’s lives. Of all the people in the world, the most affected ones are the elderly and the children. They are at much risk, and their mental peace gets impacted to a greater extent while compared to others. Here’s a quick guide on how you can care for older people during the pandemic so that they stay free from stress.

How has the Pandemic Affected the Lives of Elderly People?

In recent times, when coronavirus started to spread, the older people were at maximum risk because their immunity is comparatively weaker to others. Lockdowns were imposed and even when there were relaxations in the lockdown guidelines, older citizens were strictly asked to stay at home. They couldn’t go for a walk to the park, and couldn’t roam around in the fresh air and, also, couldn’t attend any get-togethers or parties. All these restrictions can sometimes make them feel lonely, and a depressed mindset might also be the result. In such situations, it is necessary that the family of the elder people take care of them so that they do not feel lonely while also staying healthy.

How to Render Good Care to the Elderly People during the Pandemic?

Here are a few simple ways in which you can support your elderly family members or the neighbors during tough pandemic times.

  1. Boost Their Immunity Power with Right Foods
    It has been recommended from the beginning that with strong immunity, you can stay safe from the infection. Immunity is the ability of the body to fight against pathogens and infections. Elderly people, due to their age have reduced immunity and are prone to infections. Hence to boost their immunity power, provide them with immunity-boosting foods like vitamin-C rich citrus foods that increase the production of WBCs. White Blood Cells are the defense agent in the human body, and increased levels of WBCs increase immunity. Also, consume turmeric, which is a natural anti-oxidant, yogurt and green tea.
  2. Motivate Them to Exercise
    Exercise makes the body strong and also boosts immunity. During the pandemic when it is not possible to go for a walk or jog out of the home, you can practice simple exercises with them at home. It is not sufficient if you just motivate them. You have to take a step forward and accompany them while exercising.
  3. Meditate for Mental Peace
    Mental peace is the most impacted thing during tough times. When there are so many restrictions laid and the environment is full of fear for the disease, the mental peace of the people gets impacted. The impact is more on elderly people due to their age. Hence to keep them away from stress and feel calm, motivate them to meditate. Sit with them and meditate together to enhance mental peace. Only when the mind is calm, a person can stay happy and relaxed.
  4. Spend Ample Time with Them
    The restrictions to stay at home, refraining from attending the get-togethers and roaming out for fresh air makes the elderly people quite arrogant. They start to feel a sense of loneliness in life, and all that they need is someone to spend a good time with. Though you are quite busy with your schedule, try to spare some time and sit with them. Try to have food with them, play simple mind-refreshing games, share jokes, reminisce the old memories and keep them engaged in fun activities that they forget all the worries.
  5. Introduce them to the Technology
    Due to your busy life, it might not be possible for you to spend maximum time with them, but you can introduce them to technology. If not offline but help them, stay connected with their near and dear ones online via chat apps, social media and entertainment applications. They can speak and spend time with their friends online via video calls. Technology saves your time, and it can also become your time pass.
  6. Educate them on Personal Safety from the Infection
    Amidst the pandemic, there are many rumors spread all around that can frighten older people. It is your duty to educate them with the right facts and help them stay safe from infections. Educate them to wear personal protective equipment, maintain a safe distance from others and practice good hygiene. Though they are elder to you, now is the time to educate them and help them.
  7. Always have a Helping Hand Towards them
    Never say no when they request you for something. Always have a helping nature towards them and shower excess of love and compassion. Keep sufficient stocks of their medicines at home so that there is no shortage or a sudden emergency. Keep in touch with the doctor and have regular updates on the health of elderly people.

These are a few ways mentioned, but there are plenty of ways in which you can keep your elderly family members happy and safe during the pandemic. No money or machine can give them the happiness that their family can give. And during these pandemic times, all that they require is your support and love. For their safety measures, you can purchase personal protective equipment from at the best rates possible.

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