The recent spread of pandemic has made personal protective equipment a necessity for every individual of the society rather than being specific only to healthcare workers. PPE covers the entire body and shields us from contamination by viruses and bacteria. However, if you do not wear or remove them in the most appropriate way, you invite germs and infections. Here is a detailed guide on how to wear and remove personal protective equipment. 



Personal protective equipment, in short, PPE, as the name, suggests is used to protect us from the contamination around. Microbes like coronavirus are capable of staying alive on surfaces, clothes and things for long and spread the contamination. Thus when you feel you are in an unhygienic place or a place with a greater risk of infection, wear PPE to shield the entire body from the germs. PPE kit consists of various protective products like 

  1. Facemasks that cover your mouth and nose 
  1. Face shield that covers your entire face 
  1. Glasses for the eyes to protect from radiations 
  1. Hand gloves to shield your hands from contamination 
  1. Isolation gowns or coveralls that cover your entire body from neck to legs 
  1. Shoe covers to cover your footwear 

For maximum protection of the entire body, the above mentioned PPE products are used. However, you can customize and use the products based on the assessment of risk. For example, when only a few people around, a facemask could suffice, but when surrounded by a huge public during the pandemic, wearing isolation gowns become necessary. 



The most ideal ways to put on and remove the essential PPE products like facemasks, face shields, hand gloves and isolation gowns are shared below. The common step to be followed is to wash your hands with an alcohol-based soap or sanitize them with an alcohol-based sanitizer to remove germs and dirt before wearing the PPE products. Also, wash/sanitize your hands after removing the PPE products or PPE kit.  



How to Wear a Facemask? 

  • Hold the facemask by its straps/ties/loops and wear it with the front side facing outside. 
  • Pull the upper side of the mask above the nose and drag the lower side below the chin. 
  • Press the nose pin or the nose edge to ensure the proper fit of the mask. 
  • Do not touch your facemask frequently and debunk the facemask myths. 

How to Remove a Facemask? 

  • Do not touch the front side of the mask as it is contaminated. 
  • Gently pull away from the ties/straps/loops and remove the mask. 
  • If it’s disposable, dispose of it immediately in a dustbin with a lid so that it does not come in contact with anyone. 
  • If you are going to re-use it, place it in a hygienic container to be re-used shortly like when you remove it for a short interval to have food.  
  • Do not re-use a disposable or town or wet face mask. 



How to Wear a Faceshield? 

  • Hold the face shield towards you and hold the elastic band to wear the face shield. 
  • Extend the elastic band behind your head and place the foam on the forehead. 
  • Make sure that the front surface of the shield covers your entire face. 
  • For best practice wear hand gloves while wearing a face shield. 

How to Remove a Face Shield? 

  • Bend your head slightly to the front side and hold the elastic straps behind your head. 
  • Carefully pull the strap forward and above your head so that the face shield gets removed from the face. 
  • Dispose of the face shield in a dustbin. 



How to Wear Hand Gloves? 

  • Hold the gloves and carefully wear them. 
  • Slowly extend the gloves above your wrist.  

How to Remove Hand Gloves? 

  • Carefully hold the lower side of the hand gloves and remove them. 
  • Roll down the gloves and discard them in the dustbin.  



How to Wear an Isolation Gown? 

  • Unfold the isolation gown and wear it to ensure that it covers the entire torso from neck to knees and from arms to wrists.  
  • Wrap the gown around the gap and fasten the ties around the neck and the waist. 

How to Remove an Isolation Gown? 

  • Your gown is contaminated, hence unfasten the ties carefully from the back and make sure any part of your gown or sleeves do not touch your face or other parts of your body. 
  • Pull the gown away from the neck and shoulders holding the inside of the gown to avoid contamination. If you’re wearing hand gloves, you can remove them holding the outer surface too. 
  • Roll the gown and discard it into a dedicated dustbin or container for a wash. 


Follow the above procedures to wear, remove and dispose of personal protective equipment for maximum safety and hygiene. Make sure you wash/sanitize your hand every time you touch a PPE product either to wear or remove it. To buy good quality N95 facemasks, 3ply facemasks, isolation gowns, bouffant caps and GClean sanitizer wipes, visit PPE Zones, the leading PPE supplier in California, USA. Give up on the hygiene mistakes and follow the best personal hygiene tips to stay safe from coronavirus and all other germs and infections. 

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