Personal protective equipment, as the name, suggests protecting us from various chemical, biological, electrical and radiological hazards. In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, PPE products are used to stay away from germs and keep yourself safe from COVID-19 infection. However, these PPE products like facemasks, isolation gowns, etc., will protect you only if you wear them, use them and dispose of them most appropriately and hygienically. Here we highlight how to wear, use and dispose of the facemasks for maximum safety. 



A face mask is a piece of fabric that covers your mouth and nose and contains respiratory droplets, thus curbing the spread of germs and infections. There are various types of masks available, ranging from surgical masks i.e. 3 ply facemasks, N95 facemasks, cloth masks and trendy DIY masks.  



  1. Wash your hands with soap or sanitize them with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to remove the germs and dirt on your hands lest the contamination spreads to the facemask and indirectly to your face. 
  1. Remove the mask from the box or packet and find out the front side by looking at the colors and stitch marks.  
  1. Hold the mask by its straps or loops and wear it ensuring that the front side is away from you pointing outside. 
  1. Raise the top of the mask above the nose and pull the bottom below the chin. 
  1. Press the nose edges of the mask or if your mask has a nose pin, press on it to ensure a tight fit of the mask covering the nose and mouth firmly. 
  1. Keep wearing this mask and avoid touching it frequently. 



  1. Wash your hands/sanitize them even before removing your facemask.  
  1. Do not touch the front of your mask as it might be contaminated with germs and dirt around. 
  1. Touch the loops/bands/straps of the mask and remove them. If you are wearing a facemask with ties, untie the top bow and gently pull away from the face mask. 
  1. If you have removed the facemask to have food or drink water, do not hold them in your hand or hang it around the wrist. Neatly fold it and place it in a hygienic cover or box to be re-used shortly. 
  1. Wash your hand immediately after removing your facemask. 



  1. If the facemask gets wet or gets torn, throw it away even if you had worn it for the first time. A wet or torn face mask is ineffective in protecting you from germs and infections. 
  1. Only re-usable face masks can be re-used, and that too only for three days. Check the label on the packaging to find how long you can re-use a particular face mask, and once it reaches the threshold, dispose of it and do not try to re-use as it loses its effectiveness. 
  1. After removing the face mask, pack it in its cover or fold it properly and throw it in the trash can with a lid.  
  1. Do not dispose of your facemask along with the food waste from the kitchen. Dispose of it along with the medical waste. 
  1. Do not randomly throw the face mask or any medical equipment as it could spread the contamination.   
  1. Wash your hands with alcohol-based soap or sanitize them with an alcohol-based sanitizer to remove the contamination transported from the facemask.  


Follow these guidelines while wearing, removing and disposing of your facemask for maximum effectiveness and safety. If you’re looking to buy good quality N95 facemasks or 3ply facemask, visit our store, PPE Zones. PPE Zones is the leading supplier of PPE products in California, USA. 


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