When a pandemic is spread all around the globe, it becomes essential to protect oneself from infection. Germs usually enter the body through hands or face. The mouth is considered the prime entry point for the germs, as germs enter the body via foods and drinks that you consume. Also, when you breathe in infected air, you get infected as well. Hence it is necessary to protect the face from being attacked by germs. Here is a quick guide on how you can protect your face from germs and infections.


A face mask is a piece of fabric that covers your mouth and nose protecting from the various respiratory diseases. The respiratory droplets are contained in the face mask, curbing the spread of infection to others and vice versa. Face masks filter the air you breathe in and hence protect from breathing polluted air. Various types of face masks available possess varied filtering efficiencies.

  1. N-95 Mask

    N-95 masks are designed with respect to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) standards. They possess a filtration efficiency of 95%, providing maximum protection against the germs. With two-way filtration, these masks do not only filter the incoming air that you breathe but filter the air that you exhale as well. Thus it protects you as well as others offering two-way protection. These are made of top-quality fabric, and hence you can conveniently breathe and speak while wearing the mask. These masks are accompanied by ear loops or head loops for the convenience of wearing them. Loops and the nosepin make the mask fit on your mouth and nose. As these masks offer maximum protection, doctors and healthcare workers prefer them during the critical pandemic times.

  2. 3-Ply Mask

    These are the typical surgical masks usually worn by the doctors and health care workers. Though the filtration efficiency is 60%, a little lower than N-95 masks, these are comparatively lightweight because of the paper-like material. These are not only lightweight but also inexpensive and hence preferred by everyone amidst the pandemic for protection. The 3-layered design helps cover the mouth and nose comfortably with the ease of breathing and speaking. Apart from our personal convenience, these masks are bio-degradable, and hence they do not incur damage to the environment.


People usually wonder that while wearing a face mask, what is the necessity for wearing a face shield or vice versa? But the fact is that face shield and face mask are both necessary as face shield covers the entire face right from forehead to the neck.
You would knowingly or unknowingly touch the parts of your face with your hands. If your hands are contaminated, the contamination spreads to the face. You cannot always have a watch that your hands should not touch your face. Instead of wearing a face shield would protect your face even if your hand tries to touch it.
You would have seen people wear a face shield while welding or mining. While working in industries, mines or places of danger, wear a face shield to protect your face from various chemical, biochemical, electrical hazards.
Additionally, the pollution levels are continuously on the rise these days. Pollutants spoil the skin and cause skin allergies. The face shield can help you stay protected from pollution and skin allergies.


If you touch your eyes with dirty or contaminated hands, the infection spreads to the eyes. Apart from the germs, while working in industries and places of danger, harmful chemicals or radiations may enter the eyes spoiling the eyesight. Hence wear safety glasses or goggles that prevent the hazards from damaging your eyesight.

For maximum protection of the face, always make sure that you wear a combination of safety glasses, face mask and face shield. While working with hazardous substances, the use of these equipment becomes mandatory. Also, these days, due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, it is advisable to wear this protective equipment when in public. You cannot guess or diagnose who is infected from coronavirus and who isn’t it as there are symptomatic, asymptomatic and non-symptomatic patients as well. This increases the need for the use of personal protection equipment when surrounded by people. You can visit to purchase PPE kit and other safety equipment at the best rates.


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