A pandemic is a disease that affects the entire country and the world. Every once in several years, the world gets hit by a pandemic. Even in recent months, we have seen the damage that coronavirus has caused. Not only did the disease disrupt our normal lives, but lead to thousands of deaths. During these unprecedented times, it is essential to be prepared; otherwise, we have to suffer. Is there any guarantee that when corona virus washes out, no other virus will attack? It cannot be guaranteed. Owing to improper hygiene and pollution levels there are chances for new diseases to erupt. So how can you be prepared for the next pandemic? Here is a short guide on how to be prepared for an unprecedented pandemic or an unprecedented medical crisis.


You cannot guess that when would the next pandemic occur. If you consider the novel coronavirus, the infection spread rapidly and soon engulfed the entire world. At once, you might have thought that the virus will not attack your geographical region and hence nothing to worry about. But soon, the virus spread to the entire world, invading your region as well. Sudden lockdowns were announced, transportation facilities were halted, and quickly the entire world came to a standstill. Do you remember all the troubles you had to face those days?
Even though corona vaccines are being made available, new strains of coronavirus are spreading all over. The number of COVID-19 infected cases are soaring up high all over again. What if we had been prepared for it and had taken the necessary precautions against the pandemic? A lot of damage could have been prevented. Hence it is necessary to stay prepared for a pandemic so that one does not have to suffer much during difficult times.
So, how to prepare for a pandemic?

  1. Stay Hygienic

    Germs are a bitter enemy of hygiene. If you follow good personal hygiene, germs would never visit you. But if you don’t, they’ll build a habitat in your body. Hygiene not only refers to washing hands; it also includes the cleanliness of the entire body. Right from your head to your toe, keep every part of the body clean. Keep your hair free from lice, nits and dandruff. Oral hygiene is the next destination. Make sure your mouth is free of cavities and plaque. Wear neat clothes, keep your fingers clean and your nails short. Wash/sanitize your hands regularly. Follow other essential hygiene tips necessary to maintain good health.

  2. Keep Your Immune System Strong

    Immunity is the body’s ability to fight against germs and antigens. When the immune system is strong, you stay protected against several infections. Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated, avoid fatty foods, give up on smoking, workout and meditate to keep your immune system healthy. You can also check out a detailed guide on how to boost your immunity power on

  3. Follow the Safety Guidelines

    Corona may leave, but you cannot assure that no other microbe will attack in future. Hence it is wise enough to follow the necessary safety guidelines even after the corona virus has left. Maintain social distance from people, wear personal protective equipment when in the crowd, sanitize your hands, sanitize the surroundings and follow the basic safety guidelines.

  4. Keep a Stock of Medical Essentials

    If there is a pandemic or any unprecedented emergency, you might run short of essential medical supplies. For example, there was a shortage of hand sanitizers in the initial days of the corona virus attack. So make sure your first aid kit has all the necessary medical essentials. Also, have a stock of medical supplies like sanitizers, antiseptic, masks, soaps, etc., available at home. Also, if you are used to some regular medication, keep an extra stock of medicines available at home to avoid the last-minute emergency.

  5. Stock Enough Food Supply

    During recent times we had seen that when nationwide lockdowns were announced, there was a shortage of essential food supplies. Hence make sure you have enough stock of food at home so that you do not have to suffer later.

  6. Maintain Good Mental Health

    At such difficult times, you must not panic or fear. When you panic or take stress, your mental health is disturbed, and when your mental health is impacted, your immune system is impacted as well. To maintain good mental peace, practice yoga and meditation. Also, listen to soft music or the music you love. Keep yourself entertained with your passion so that there is no stress in your mind.

Along with these, make sure you keep your body healthy and your mind peaceful. Preparedness prevents panic, hence, be prepared for every situation in life. To buy personal protective equipment for maximum safety against germs and infections, visit

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