The whole world has been fighting off the deadly coronavirus over the past one and a half years. The pandemic has taken a toll on human lives as millions of the world’s population has been infected by the virus, and nearly thousands of people lost their lives. Still, the virus is playing havoc with our lives. Amidst all the chaos, it is being recommended to maintain social distance and wear face masks. Let’s find out how wearing a face mask can protect us from being infected by COVID-19.

What is a facemask?

A facemask is a piece of fabric that covers the mouth and the nose to contain respiratory droplets. It minimizes the risk of being affected by airborne and respiratory diseases.

Why has facemask become a necessity during the covid-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 is said to be an airborne respiratory disease. If the water droplets released by COVID-19 infected person while speaking, coughing or sneezing gets inhaled by another person, the latter also gets infected by the coronavirus. And that person will, in turn, spread the virus to others, and the chain keeps growing. This is the reason that coronavirus has become a pandemic and engulfed the whole of the world. The only way to stop the chain and curb the spread of the virus is by wearing personal protective equipment, especially the face mask.
When you wear a facemask, the water droplets released by you are contained in the mask and does not spread to others. Facemasks protect you as well as others.

When should I wear a face mask?

Though there were lockdowns and we stayed at home for months, but that is not permanent. We have to get out of the home to buy the essentials, groceries, go to work, etc. And when you step out of the house, the mask must be on your face covering your mouth and nose. Because when in public, you cannot predict who is infected and who is not. Hence for maximum protection, keep wearing a face mask for as long as you’re out of the home.
Also, when you visit crowded places like malls, railway stations, parks, etc., there is hardly much distancing followed because of the huge crowds. At such places along with the facemask, wear a face shield, isolation gown, hand gloves or wear a PPE kit in whole. You can buy personal protective equipment from PPE Zones(, one of the leading dealers of face mask and isolation gown in California, USA. PPE kit is necessary because the coronavirus is capable of settling on the clothes and surfaces for a long and when you touch these contaminated surfaces, you get infected.

Should I wear a face mask at home?

Even if you’re at home wear a facemask when you have a visitor or guest at home or even when the house helper is around. Apart from this, if any of your family members are sick whether or not they are infected by a coronavirus, it is better that you wear a facemask and also ask the person who is ill to wear one. Because even if the person might test negative currently, there are chances that he/she might test positive shortly owing to the symptoms. Hence it is better to take all the necessary precautions to stay safe. Quarantine the person in a separate room if they show mild symptoms of coronavirus or have returned from a travel trip. Isolate them if they are tested positive for the infection. There is a slight difference between isolation and quarantine, but both are precautionary measures to keep safe from infection.

Why should I wear a Facemask when the person around me is not showing any symptoms of COVID-19?

It’s natural for you to think that if only you and your friend(s) are in a room, and none of you has symptoms of COVID-19, then why should you wear a mask. There’s a reason for this as well. COVID-19 infected people fall into three different categories based on the symptoms shown.

  • Symptomatic: People infected by COVID-19 and show the necessary symptoms.
  • Asymptomatic: People infected by COVID-19 but show symptoms a little late than expected.
  • Non-Symptomatic: People infected by COIVD-19 but never show any symptoms

Imagine your friend is a non-symptomatic or asymptomatic carrier of the virus, and you spend time with them without wearing a facemask. You are quite aware of the consequences and how you will be infected too. Hence it is recommended to always wear a face mask when someone is around you, even if they are closest to your friends.

Which Facemask should I wear?

As facemasks have become a necessity over the past 1.5 years, the market is flooded with a variety of facemasks ranging from the typical, surgical masks to the highly trendy ones. But the question is which facemask will provide you maximum protection?
The most common types of facemasks available are:

  1. N-95 Facemasks
    These masks are designed as per the NIOSH standards and are regarded as the best-in-class facemasks that filter out 95% of airborne particles, germs and dust. Being made of high-quality fabric, these facemasks facilitate the comfort of breathing and speaking while also adding up to the costs. Though a little expensive, they provide two-way filtering i.e. they filter the incoming air and the air that you exhale. Available in two models as one with earloop and the other with head loops, these fit well on the nose and do not fog your glasses because of the nose foam and nose clip attached.

  2. 3-ply Surgical Masks
    These are the typical blue colored masks that you would have seen worn by healthcare workers over the years. Made of a paper-like material, these masks are quite thin and lightweight. The three layers in the mask fit well on the mouth and nose while filtering out 60% of the inhaled particles and dirt. Along with the ease of breathing and speaking, the prime advantage of these masks is that they are quite inexpensive. Hence every person can afford these masks and stay protected from the infection.

  3. Cloth Masks
    The most comfortable facemasks are the ones made of cloth and can be easily made at home. Cloth masks have become more of a trend these days as people are wearing cloth masks made of a fabric that matches their outfit.
    Whichever mask you wear, make sure that it properly covers your mouth and nose to restrict the germs from infecting you. Also, proper hygiene is necessary and follow the necessary do’s and dont’s while wearing a facemask. To buy the best-quality facemasks, isolation gowns and bouffant caps, visit our online store. For more information on personal hygiene and protection from COVID-19, visit our blog. Your safety is in your hands and your facemasks.

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