The novel coronavirus has shaken the entire world over the past one and half years, infecting millions of people and causing the deaths of thousands of people. Coronavirus is not the only microbe around, there are thousands and millions of viruses and bacteria in the atmosphere ready to attack and infect human beings. When there are so many pathogens around, how does the body stay healthy and infection-free? The immune system acts as the defense force of your body and keeps you infection-free by fighting and killing the pathogens on encountering them. The immune system keeps you safe from hundreds of germs and infections over the lifetime. As the immune system helps you stay safe, you must also strengthen your immunity power to keep the body’s defense system intact. Along with the consumption of immunity booster foods and practicing yoga, swimming is one helpful activity to boost your immunity. Let’s find out how swimming boosts your immunity power.

Cold Water Swimming boosts your WBCs Count

Coldwater swimming would be the last thing you would want to do in life, owing to the chilling temperatures. It is a common belief among people that getting wet in cold waters during the winter or cold season makes the body susceptible to infections, like cold and flu. But that’s not completely true. When you swim in cold waters at a temperature below your body temperature, your body is stressed. When your body is under a stressor, it produces more white blood cells. White blood cells are a crucial part of the immune system. These are produced in the bone marrow and circulate throughout the body via blood and fluid. WBCs fight off germs and infections, keeping the body safe. When the count of white blood cells increases, more soldiers are appointed for defense and attack, thereby strengthening the defense system of the body. Thus swimming in cold water boosts your immunity power.

Swimming Releases Endorphins & Lowers Stress

When you work out or do any exercise, your body creates the feeling of ‘runner’s high’ by releasing endorphins made by the pituitary glands and central nervous system. These endorphins help the body to cope with pain and also lower stress levels. Sometimes endorphins released also increase the production of dopamine which is the happiness hormone. When you’re stress-free and feel happy, the immune system gets strengthened.

Swimming Boosts your Mental Health

When you are under stress, the body releases cortisol hormone that suppresses the function of the immune system. These cortisol hormones reduce the number of lymphocytes in the blood responsible for killing infected host cells, activating immune cells and regulating the immune system. Thus stress impacts your immune system negatively. Also, stress leads to increased blood pressure level causing coronary heart diseases.

But as mentioned above, swimming activity releases endorphins that reduce the stress levels of the body, boosting your mental health. Sound mental health also strengthens the immune system.

Swimming Improves Circulation

When you swim, the circulation is improved, and the oxygen gets delivered to every part of the body. The necessary oxygen also gets delivered to bone marrow which is the headquarters of your immune system. Also, the waste gets removed from the body that reduces inflammations and the risk of infections.

Thus swimming improves blood circulation, boosts your white blood cells and lowers stress levels which, in turn, strengthens your body’s ability to fight off germs and infections. Learn to swim and make it a habit to cope with the stress levels and strengthen your body. Find out more tips to boost your immunity on
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