Personal protective equipment protects the entire body, right from head to toe from biological, chemical and radiological hazards. Face masks and face shields protect our mouth, nose and face, glasses protect the eyes, hand gloves and shoe cover and the isolation gowns or coveralls protect our clothes and the exposed parts of the hands from being contaminated. Bouffant caps protect hair from chemical, biological and radiological hazards, bouffant caps. Here we share with you a detailed guide on the uses of bouffant caps. 


The bouffant cap is nothing but a hat with an elastic that snugly fits onto your head, covering the scalp, hair and also the ears. It keeps your hair tied up inside, minimizing the risk of contamination. It is also used to prevent the shedding of hair in kitchens and operation theaters. Bouffant caps these days are made of various materials, including soft fabric, plastic, propylene, polyethene, netted, etc., with each one used in different situations. Most of these caps are disposable bouffant caps available for single-time use.


While the prime use of bouffant caps is to protect your hair from various contaminations, their application at different places is as follows.


You would have seen doctors covering their hair with head-caps; those are nothing but the bouffant caps. The operation theater or the surgery rooms must be sterile and highly disinfected to prevent the contamination of surgical equipment. Human hair remains a hub of germs like bacteria. You might argue that you have washed your hair and do not have lice or dandruff. But the fact is that even the recently washed hair contains bacteria. 

While operating a patient, even if a single strand of hair falls on the wounds or the surgical equipment, there are chances for contamination. Hence the surgeons, nurses and healthcare workers must wear bouffant caps while performing surgery or in the operation room. Bouffant caps are worn in the scrub room and removed only after returning to the scrub room post-surgery. Bouffant caps protect the patient and prevent the operating room from being contaminated by infectious micro-organisms.


How would you like if there is a strand of hair in your food served at a restaurant? This would probably be the last thing anyone would wish to experience at a hotel. Even if you have healthy and strong hair, there are chances for shedding a couple of strands and falling in the food prepared. Finding a hair in food not only spoils your restaurant’s image, but you might also face bad consequences from the customers. Hence it is best to cover the hair and prevent the risk of leaving any stray hair by wearing a bouffant cap. Also, bouffant caps are necessary to be worn in the kitchen to protect the hair from oils, and other spices used while cooking that can damage your hair.


Beauty treatments in salons require the use of sticky solutions and exposure to heat and radiation. To protect one’s hair from being damaged by these exposures, bouffant caps are worn. When you apply color to your hair and leave it to set, the dripping of these colors and harsh chemicals can badly or sometimes even permanently stain the fabric, hence wear a bouffant cap. Bouffant caps protect your hair from harmful chemicals and radiation during beauty therapies.


Sometimes you take a lot of effort and bear too many expenses to get a particular hairstyle for a special event. Hair clips, pins, hair spray, gels, etc. too many things go behind getting a beautiful hairstyle. But when you dress up or apply make-up, the hairstyle might get messed, and all your efforts go in vain. Hence bouffant caps are worn to protect the hair from getting messed up or tangled. 

Apart from the above applications, bouffant caps are used in places where there is exposure to radiation or chemicals to prevent the hair from being damaged. Bouffant caps made of polypropylene come in different colors like blue, pink, yellow and can be used in places where you need differentiation of colors for different sectors.

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