Do you eat for your tongue or your health? It’s a big question to think and reflect upon. Serving food to relish your tongue can sometimes take a toll on your health. Fast foods relish your taste buds, but prolonged consumption of fast foods can harm your health and immune system as well. If you’re wondering how can fast foods impact the immune system, here is an article to throw light on the effects of fast food on the human immune system.

What are Fast Foods?

Fast foods are termed so because they are easy and quick to be prepared and served. Along with the quick preparation, these are inexpensive and quite delicious. These foods are made of cheap ingredients like high-fat meat, refined grains, added sugars, fats and preservatives. As a result, they are high in sugar, high sodium, saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. You cannot find healthy proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits or fiber in these foods.

Why are Fast Foods considered bad?

Having a fast-food party once in a while is fine, but when you start consuming these junk foods regularly, these foods start hindering your health. Continued consumption of these fatty foods is known to increase blood pressure and cholesterol, cause diabetes, heart diseases and weight gain.

How do Fast Foods impact Your Immune System?

Due to the busy lives, people resort to fast foods that are quickly processed. Getting late for a meeting and have no time to eat? Grab a burger! Planning to binge-watching movies tonight? Grab a pizza! The modern-day world has made these high-fat and high-sugar food a regular part of their diet. The appetizing and tongue-relishing flavors of these foods are hard to be relinquished by people, especially teenagers and young adults. However, do you how harmful these junk foods could be to your immune system?

According to studies, fast foods make the immune system more aggressive. These junk foods trigger an immediate immune response similar to the one generated for a bacterial attack. Researchers from Germany experimented on mice by feeding them junk foods. An immune response got triggered in the mice similar to the one against a severe bacterial attack. A lot of immune cells were activated, and it seemed like the body had recruited a huge and powerful army to fight. To calm down the immune response, they fed the same mice with healthy food for a month still, the immune system changes remained irreversible. The immune system underwent permanent changes because the immune system holds memory cells that record the invader activity and the defense against it. The body cells remain in an alarm state to defend if further such attack occurs. There was a rapid increase in the immune cells, likely granulocytes and monocytes that increased the inflammation.

Fast foods have a similar impact on human bodies as that of mice. Even if you revert to healthy foods, your immune cells remain hyperactive. Long-term hyperactivity of the body’s defenses could also trigger diseases like arteriosclerosis and diabetes.
Now that you how bad fast foods can be for your health, make them a once in a while affair in your life while focusing on a balanced healthy diet should be a part of your routine. Eat many fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, protein-rich foods and foods that strengthen your body. Find out the list of foods that strengthen your immune system on our blog at

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