Face masks have become a necessity of the current times. In the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing much was known about the infection. The cause of the infection, its symptoms, its spreading procedure and the vaccine or medicine were all unknown. At those tough times, the only solution to keep oneself safe from the infection was to wear personal protective equipment. The wearing of a face mask become mandatory as it helped curb the spread of the infection. But people have started becoming a little careless, or they lack the awareness of how to handle a face mask. Here is a detailed guide on what are the do’s and don’ts while wearing a face mask.


A face mask is a piece of cloth that covers your mouth and nose. As it covers the mouth and nose, the respiratory droplets released while speaking, coughing or sneezing are contained in the face mask that would otherwise spread the infection to others. As a result, these face masks protect from the respiratory and airborne diseases.


We know that face masks protect us from infections still, people are careless as they ignore the use of a face mask. The coronavirus infection is such that the infected person may or may not show the symptoms. There are symptomatic who exhibit symptoms, asymptomatic who show symptoms lately and non-symptomatic patients who do not even show any symptoms. Due to this, you cannot even predict whether a person near you is infected or non-infected. The only way you can keep yourself safe is by wearing a face mask.
Face mask not only protects you from coronavirus but also other respiratory diseases. It protects your skin from pollution as well.


  • Wash your hands with soap or sanitize them well before wearing a face mask. Otherwise, the germs or dirt on the hands would contaminate the face mask and spread the infection to the face.
  • Make sure that the face properly covers your mouth and nose and fits snugly. Do not wear loose-fit masks that hang and do not completely cover your mouth and nose.
  • Wear a face mask which helps you breathe and speak conveniently and do not cause suffocation.
  • Wear a face mask with nosepin to avoid fogging your glasses.
  • Wear a face mask when in public or even if there is only a single person around you while constantly maintaining a safe six-feet distance.
  • Wash your hands before removing a mask.
  • Wash your mask after every use if it is a reusable mask.
  • Dispose of your face mask hygienically in a way that neither spreads the infection nor contaminates the environment.
  • Practice social distancing even when you are wearing a face mask for maximum protection.
  • Keep your masks in a clean, dry place.


  • Do not leave your nose uncovered. People have a habit of wearing the mask on the mouth but leave the nose uncovered. This would result in inhaling contaminated air and increases the chances of being infected.
  • Do not hang your face mask on your neck. The respiratory droplets in it stick on the neck and also the sweat or dirt on the neck would transfer to the face mask that would then reach your mouth.
  • Do not leave your mask hanging on your forehead, arm or wrist as there are chances of the face mask being contaminated.
  • Do not keep touching your mask or the face as it increases the chances of infection.
  • While removing the mask, do not touch the mouth-covering side of the face mask. Instead, remove it by pulling out the ear loops or head loops.
  • Do not wear a mask while performing activities in which there are chances of the face mask to become wet, such as swimming.
  • Do not wear the mask upside down or by turning the sides.
  • Do not wear a mask on kids who are less than two years old.
  • Do not reuse a mask after it gets torn or worn out. Do not reuse single-use face masks.
  • Do not throw away the masks un-hygienically in an open place.
  • Do not forget to wear a face mask when out of your house or among the public.

Follow the above dos and don’ts to ensure maximum protection from the germs and infections. It is not only necessary to wear a face mask, but it is quintessential to wear it in the most appropriate way for better results. To buy good-quality face masks, visit We offer the best-quality protective equipment at affordable rates along with the convenient doorstep delivery. 

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