In the wake of the novel coronavirus, facemasks have become an indispensable part of human lives. Before the recent pandemic, facemasks or surgical masks were used only by healthcare workers, but now owing to the spread of airborne contagious infection, facemasks have become a basic essential for humans of all ages and every field. There are various types of masks available in the market ranging from N95 face masks that provide double filtration to the commonly used 3-play surgical masks, cloth masks and DIY- masks. We know that masks are mandatory, but still, some misconceptions refrain people from wearing face masks. So here we debunk all those myths regarding facemasks.

How Does Facemask Protect Against Covid-19 Infection?

Coronavirus spreads through the air and respiratory droplets of people. Now when you are speaking to someone infected, and if their respiratory droplets fall on you, you will get infected too. Hence facemasks are used that contain the respiratory droplets released during coughing, speaking or sneezing.

Myth1: Wear a mask only when someone is standing next to you
If you believe that wearing a face mask is mandatory only when someone is next to you and not necessary when people are a little away from you, that’s wrong. The virus gets released into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes, and when a healthy person inhales that air, he/she gets infected. Thus it’s not necessary that you have to wear a mask only when someone is next to you, rather wear a mask whenever you are out of your home.

Myth2: Facemasks are a substitute for Social Distancing
If you are compromising facemask for social distancing or vice versa, you are probably risking your life along with others. The pandemic has not given you an either/or choice to select one from facemask or social distancing. Both are mandatory measures to safeguard oneself and others from the infection. Assume you are wearing a facemask and compromising on social distancing, though you covered your nose and mouth, your hands might get contaminated or even your clothes when you are in a crowd. Your hands or your clothes can carry the germs to your body and infect you with the virus. Thus follow social distancing along with wearing facemasks.

Myth3: Only the N95 mask will protect me against the infection
It’s true that N95 masks provide a filtration efficiency of over 95% and also offers double filtration, i.e., it filters both the inhaled and exhaled air. But that does not mean other masks are inefficient. N95 face masks are a little expensive, but you can go for inexpensive 3-ply surgical masks that are comfortable while breathing and speaking. Along with the comfort, these masks also protect you from germs. You can also opt for cloth masks that are properly stitched.

Myth4: Masks can be reused several times
There are distinct types of masks available, including reusable and disposable ones. The reusable ones can be reused but only for the period mentioned. For example, 3-ply masks can be used for three days and then has to be disposed of. Some face masks are disposable ones, so don’t try to reuse them as the effectiveness of the face mask is diminished, and so the protection it offers. Also, properly clean and wash the reusable face masks before reusing them.

Myth5: Masks can be shared with a non-infected person
The first and foremost thing is that you cannot even predict who is infected and who is non-infected because the COVID-19 infection does not necessarily show the symptoms as, in the case of asymptomatic and non-symptomatic patients. You might assume them to be healthy and stay with them, but by the time they start showing symptoms, you might get infected too. Sharing masks with a healthy person is also not recommended. The sweat, germs and dirt attached to the mask will get transferred to you as well. Never share your facemask with anyone.

Myth6: Do not wear a mask when at home
If you live with your family, it’s not necessary to wear a mask at home but with some exceptions. If someone has returned home from a travel trip or a house helper is visiting your home every day, or when guests arrive at home, it is essential to wear a facemask even though you are at your home. Also, if you or someone else at your house is infected or showing symptoms of COVID-19 infection, wear a face mask whenever you are with them for maximum safety.

These are a few myths regarding the facemasks that are baseless and not to be believed. If you have heard any other myths or have any queries regarding face masks, drop them in the comments below. Visit our store PPEZones, one of the leading dealers of PPE in California, USA for purchasing good quality N95 and 3-ply face masks. Find more tips on safety and immunity during these pandemic times on our blog at

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