Vaccines for COVID-19 have arrived. It is a piece of happy news for all of us as we have suffered a lot in the past year due to the coronavirus. But still, it would take a little more time for every individual to be vaccinated with the adequate doses of vaccine. So this article elaborates on how should the aftercare be post the administration of COVID-19 vaccines.

Be Patient

Wait for your turn to be vaccinated. As the population is high and the vaccines are manufactured in limited quantities, it is necessary to follow a certain procedure to administer vaccines. After going through several trials, vaccines are made available to the public, and hence you have to stay a little patient until your turn comes for vaccination.

Aftercare for Vaccines

  • If you have been called for the vaccination, relax and do not panic. Do not believe in rumors that vaccines may have side effects. Trust the healthcare workers, leave out all the fears and go for the vaccination drive.
  • Wait for your turn and maintain a safe distance from others while waiting for your turn to be vaccinated. Wear personal protective equipment while at the vaccination center. After you receive the vaccination, wait for 15 minutes to ensure that you are feeling well. If you feel any discomfort, wait for 30 minutes under the observation of the healthcare workers.
  • After the vaccination is done, you may witness a few symptoms like mild fever or pain in the spot where the vaccine has been administered. If there is soreness or swelling, apply a cool damp cloth for relief from the swelling. Exercise your arm to reduce the swelling.
  • You might feel tiredness or headache or chills and that is quite common after you receive the vaccine.
  • Consult the doctor for over-the-counter medication if you experience pain or fever.
  • Return for the second dose of the vaccine as and when suggested by the doctor and do not get any other vaccine during this period.
  • Report any unusual symptom to the doctor at the earliest and get it treated.

Follow the Safety Guidelines

As every individual is not vaccinated yet, the danger of virus still exists. The number of infected people is again on a rise, and moreover, new strains of coronavirus have been reported in many parts of the world. There is no vaccine for the new strains of the coronavirus. Even after you receive the two shots of the vaccine, the vaccine will take some time to build immunity against the virus, and you have to be safe at that time. Hence the only solution left with us is to follow the safety guidelines.

Follow social distancing, maintain at least a six-feet distance from people, wear personal protective equipment and eat a healthy balanced diet to boost your immunity. Make personal hygiene a routine for lifelong as coronavirus may leave, but new virus or diseases may arrive in future, and we must be prepared for it. Make sure you wear personal protective equipment whenever surrounded by people or in public places. Visit to purchase personal protective equipment and upgrade your safety.

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