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COVID-19 Safety protocols to be followed at Workplace

Coronavirus & COVID19 infection impacted the entire world population causing both a health crisis and an economic crisis. As coronavirus infection is contagious and spreads via air, social distancing norms have been implemented. To curb the spread of the Covid-19 infection, lockdowns are introduced from time to time in the past few months. Industries and organizations announced work from home policy for the employees, but the workforce must return to the office at some point in time. However, businesses and employers will face challenges to resume work amidst the pandemic. Here are a few safety protocols that you can follow while returning to your workplace and prevent COVID-19 infection. 


It’s true that health must be the priority during these trying times and hence work from home has been introduced across all industries. But from the economic point of view, offices must be resumed at some point in time, however, proper safety protocols need to be followed. Working norms will get changed, and people must adapt to the protocols for the maximum safety of the public. 


  1. Wear Facemasks 

Facemasks are your biggest lifeline in these pandemic times. As you know, coronavirus spreads through the air and the droplets released by the infected people in the atmosphere. When you inhale the contaminated air, you get infected too. Hence it is vital to wear facemasks that contain the droplets and prevent the spread of the virus. As the new variants of coronavirus are coming out and the second wave is evolving, double masks have become necessary wherein you wear a surgical 3-ply mask and then wear a cloth mask or N95 mask above it for double protection against the germs. 


  1. Social Distancing 

When offices reopen, employers must initially try to work with 50% of the employee attendance to maintain optimum social distancing. When you return to your workplace for work, and while commuting by public transport, you cannot guarantee who is infected or who is healthy because an infected person might be asymptomatic as well. Hence follow proper social distancing and wear a facemask. You can also wear isolation gowns while commuting in public transports to maximize your protection against germs. Maintain social distancing at the workplace as well till the situation gets back to normal and the virus gets eliminated. 


  1. Disinfect the Place 

Cleanliness keeps germs away and hence keep the surroundings neat and clean. During these pandemic times, it’s not only enough if you keep the place clean but also disinfect the place. Microbes like coronavirus are capable of staying alive on surfaces and spreading the contamination. It is necessary to disinfect the office with a disinfectant, like GClean Wipes that not only removes the dirt but also kill the germs. Application of GClean sanitizer, therefore, curbs the spread of the contamination. 


  1. Enough Stock of Sanitizers & Personal Protective Equipment 

Enough stock of sanitizers and hand-wash must be kept available in the office, and employees must be encouraged to use them to keep everyone safe from infections. Whenever someone enters the office, sanitize their hands and screen them and check their body temperature for better safety. Have a stock of personal protective equipment like facemasks and hand gloves at the office so that anyone in need can use them. 


  1. Be Liberal towards the Employees 

Organization heads and employers must understand that times are difficult as people are not only suffering from physical infections, but also stress and mental health. Offices must organize stress relief programmes, minimize the workload and build positive vibes at the workplace so that employees happily return to the normal routine. Grant them leaves if they are not feeling good, showing symptoms of infection, or someone in their family is sick, etc. Make the workplace feel like home and treat employees like a family. 


Follow the above steps and take extra measures based on the industry you’re dealing in and the assessment of the risk factor at your place. Try to make these hygiene habits a routine because even though coronavirus may leave, you cannot ensure that no other virus will attack in future. Try to build robust measures that keep you and your employees safe from germs, infections and other health crisis. To buy bulk stock of personal protective equipment for your office staff, visit our medical safety equipment store, PPE Zones, the leading PPE supplier in California, USA. We deal in high-quality 3ply facemasks, N95 facemasks, isolation gowns, bouffant caps and GClean sanitizer wipes. Visit our blog at for more personal hygiene tips and immunity booster tips.

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