Personal hygiene is one of the greatest assets that can save you from thousands of germs and infections. Every day you come across several germs and pollutants that are ready to attack your body and infect you either knowingly or unknowingly. Personal hygiene is the steps you take to keep yourself clean and kick these germs away. Collectively the steps you follow to care for your body and keep the body away from diseases is called personal hygiene. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has motivated people towards strict personal hygiene, however, there are a few hygiene mistakes by people that can risk their health. Here’s a list of personal hygiene mistakes that you might be doing, either knowingly or unknowingly.

1. Biting the Nails to Cope with Stress

Some people have the habit of biting the nails either as a leisure activity or to cope with stress. Germs and dirt find good habitat in the nails, and when you bite your nails, these germs enter your mouth and body, causing infections. Biting the nails also weakens your teeth, and the teeth get chipped. Do not bite your nails and keep them short.

2. Skipping Flossing of Teeth

Brushing the teeth is quintessential for maintaining good dental health, but people forget about flossing the teeth. Brushing your teeth removes food and debris from the outer portions of teeth, but sometimes the sticky foods settle in the gaps between the teeth and gums that cannot be removed by mere brushing. Flossing the teeth removes these food particles and debris from the gaps preventing plaque formation. Once the plaque gets formed, you know how it leads to a chain of dental defects like cavities, gum diseases, teeth sensitivity and loss of teeth.

3. Not Washing the Hands Often

Washing the hands is something that can save you from millions of infections. Our hands perform most of the activity and come in contact with several things and surfaces. There are higher chances for hands to get contaminated, and when you don’t wash your hands, these contaminants travel to your mouth, eyes, head or other parts of the body that you touch with your hands. To avoid the spread of germs to other parts of the body, wash your hands when you return home from the office, school or playground, wash your hands before and after every meal, wash your hands after visiting the washroom, and before cooking. Wash them whenever you feel you had come in contact with contaminants or dirt.
In these pandemic times, you know that coronavirus spreads through air and contact. Wash your hands every time you sneeze or cough and whenever you touch any surfaces. If you cannot wash your hands often, sanitize them to kill the germs and avoid infection.

4. Leaving the surroundings dirty

Mosquitoes and flies harbor on the dirt. When there is so much dirt in the surroundings, mosquitoes and flies come and you know that these are the carriers of most of the germs. When these insects come in contact, the germs get transferred to your body, spreading the infection. Hence it is of utmost crucial to keep the surroundings clean and germ-free.

5. Not wearing Facemask

You know that COVID-19 is an airborne and respiratory disease that can spread when you come in contact with an infected person. Still, some people cross the limits of carelessness and roam out of the home without a facemask or wearing it below the nose or on the chin. This little carelessness of the public is the reason for the second wave of coronavirus pandemic and the increased positive cases. Follow the necessary safety guidelines and wear personal protective equipment like a face mask, isolation gowns and hand gloves. You can buy them from PPE Zones ( one of the leading dealers of facemasks in California, USA.

By following the personal hygiene tips, abiding by the safety guidelines and wearing protective equipment, we can fight the COVID-19 pandemic and every pandemic that come in future.

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