Facemasks have become a bare necessity in the Coronavirus-affected pandemic times. Coronavirus spreads through droplets and air, hence it is necessary to wear a facemask that properly covers the mouth and nose. Facemask curbs the spread of novel coronavirus by containing the droplets and sprays and preventing the transmission of the virus. However, if you mishandle the mask or do not use it properly, its effectiveness to curb the spread of the virus reduces, making you susceptible to infection. Here is a list of the few common mistakes with facemasks to be avoided to curb the spread of coronavirus.


  1. Wearing the Facemask with Dirty Hands  

Facemasks are worn to curb the transmission of the virus and other germs. But what if you wear the facemask with dirty hands? Though your hands might look clean, there might be invisible germs on them. Hence wash your hands or sanitize them immediately before wearing the facemask. 


  1. Frequently Touching the Facemask

Few people have the habit of frequently touching and adjusting their facemask. They do not realize that germs and dirt on your hands travel to the facemask and indirectly to your face. Imagine if you had touched a surface that was contaminated, and then you touch your facemask or face with the contaminated hand. Hence it is advised not to touch facemask, and if you have to touch it, wash/sanitize your hands in prior.


  1. Wearing Mask Incorrectly

Over time people have started underestimating the risk of coronavirus and have started being careless with their safety. How often we see people wearing facemask below their nose, above the chin, hanging mask around the neck, around the wrist, etc! You must understand that a face mask can protect you only when it covers the nose and the mouth. It is not any weapon that can be carried in hand or wrist. Make sure that the top of the mask sits on the bridge of your nose and the bottom slides below your chin.  


  1. Wearing Ineffective Facemasks 

Facemask is not a fashion accessory; it is the need of the hour. People have started wearing facemasks that look fancy without considering the manufacturing material and whether it protects them or not. Wearing masks having huge pores or made of a material that does not contain the respiratory droplets are ineffective in protecting you or curbing the spread of the virus. Wear facemasks made of good material that is breathable and at the same time contain the respiratory droplets and knit tightly.


  1. Sharing Facemask with Others

Sharing a facemask with anyone is the deadliest mistake that can push you into danger rather than protecting you. It’s not only that you should not share your facemask with an infected person but do not share it with anyone.


  1. Wearing a Wet Facemask

Continuous use of a facemask can make it damp, owing to sweat and perspiration. Wearing a wet facemask increases your risk of infection rather than protecting you. Replace your mask immediately for maximum protection. 


  1. Re-using Facemasks even after being Worn Out

A few facemasks are not re-usable and hence must be disposed of after a single us. There are also a few re-usable facemasks that can be used for at least three days. Wash the mask and re-use it but after three days, dispose of it. Do not wear torn or worn out a mask as it does not protect you.    


  1. Unhygienic Disposal of Facemasks

After you use the facemask, remove it properly holding the straps, fold it and dispose of it wrapped in a cover or paper. Throw it with the medical waste rather than throwing it with other household wastes. If you randomly throw your facemask here and there, others who come in contact with the mask might get affected. Sometimes, the animals or young children can come in contact with used facemasks, and they can even take it to their mouth. Hence hygienic disposal of facemask and all other PPE products is essential.


Wearing a good quality facemask, wearing it with the right procedure, handling it and removing it in a hygienic method is as essential as wearing a facemask. Visit PPE Zones, one of the leading PPE suppliers in California, USA to buy 3ply facemasks, N95 facemasks, isolation gowns, bouffant caps and GClean Sanitizer wipes.

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